Cloud Firewall

Cloud Firewall Appliances are easy-to-configure and perfect for safe-guarding your client’s infrastructure and resources with greater privacy and advanced threat protection. Open-Source firewall or Enterprise grade fully managed firewall options available.

Cloud Firewall Appliance

Starting from $15/Mo

  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • Comprehensive Security Toolset
  • Automated Centralized Management
  • Enable VPN tunnel access
  • Apply rules & polices
  • Secure networks and VMs

No hefty IT hardware investments
with CaaB Virtual Cloud Firewall

Protect your client’s public cloud infrastructure and workloads

Dynamic Cloud Security

You need security as dynamic as your cloud that’s aligned to your business. Our firewall is designed to scale and grow with you.

Easy to Provision

Set up is simple with dashboard or API for streamlined protection and automated management. No installation or software maintenance required.

Easy to Control

You control what’s open and who can access. Everything else is blocked for consistent security across all your public and private cloud applications.

Security is easier with our professional tools
for management and control

safe-guard applications for privacy like on-premises infrastructure

Automated Centralized Management Console

Manage centrally through single unified console for visibility, policy management, logging, reporting and control across your cloud infrastructure.

Broad Privacy Protection

Get multi-layer advanced application protection for your Private and Public applications. Extend your corporate network into the cloud. Host simple websites, multi-tier applications and scalable datacenter applications.

Rapid Deployment

We offer solutions for Public, Private and Hybrid environments to keep applications safe so your data stays protected at all times.

Scale as You Grow

Simply scale your computer resources by viewing and defining your filtering rules centrally and easily applying them to what needs to change for your whole infrastructure.

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