Create pfSense Firewall Appliance


Firewalls are important security tools that allow you to monitor and manage incoming and outgoing traffic for a network. CaaB allows you to provision and use two different firewalls (pfSense and Sophos) as well as the option to upload a custom firewall appliance and link it with your existing VMs and networks.

pfSense is an inexpensive firewall solution that is available in fully managed and self-managed configurations. It is open source and includes all the core features expected of an enterprise appropriate firewall appliance. The self-managed option can be provisioned directly through the platform on a minimum-cost general-purpose VM for roughly $15.00 per month. To maintain an ideal level of security it is recommended a separate pfSense firewall is assigned to each network of VMs you wish to protect.

Create a pfSense Firewall:

  1. Go to the “Create New Server” tab of the platform, which can be found under “My Cloud” in the left panel.
  2. Select the region and datacenter where you virtual servers are located.
  3. Go to the “Services” tab of the server creation wizard.
  4. Select “pfSense” and the latest version.
  5. Choose the General CPU type, 1 CPU, 2 GB RAM, and 20GB SSD.
  6. Configure the networking – either create a new vLAN which you would like the firewall to manage or connect the firewall to an existing vLAN.
  7. Select a name and password for the server.
  8. Select “Monthly” billing.
  9. Click “Create Server”.

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