Users, Groups & Permissions

Group Management

Creating Groups & Assigning Group Permissions

Simplify server administration by creating groups and assigning users.

  1. From the administrative panel on the left navigate to “Permissions” > “Groups”.
  2. Select “Create New Group”.
  3. Choose a descriptive name for the group, then select “Create Group”.
  4. Select the recently created group.
  5. Select “Add User”.
  6. Input the name or email of an existing user and select “Add User”. Repeat for additional users.

Adding/Removing Users from a Group

  1. Go to the “Groups” tab of the platform, which can be find under “Permissions” in the left panel.
  2. Click the “Open” button on the group you want to add users to
  3. Click “Add User”.
  4. Removing users is done through the “actions” button under that user’s name when you have the group selected.

Assigning a Group to a Server

  1. Go to the “Servers” tab of the platform, which can be find under “My Cloud” in the left panel.
  2. Click on the “Actions” button of your desired server and select “Permissions”.
  3. Type in the name of the group you’d like to assign to that server.
  4. Select only “Access” permissions for basic viewing and or both “Access” and “Configuration” permissions for full control.

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