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SSL Certificates


SSL certificates allow websites to send and receive encrypted data more securely through the internet, most websites now consider an HTTPS connection through SSL to be standard and modern internet browsers will warn you if a site is not connected through HTTPS or has an invalid certificate. When setting up your CaaB white-label cloud platform, an SSL certificate is necessary to protect your and your clients’ data.

How To

With CaaB you have two options for provisioning SSL certificates. Either you buy them yourself from the certificate authority of your choice and we’ll get them set up properly on the relevant server free of charge, or you can provision them directly from us.

  1. Bringing your own:
    If you’d like to provision your own SSL certificate, that’s no problem. Just send us the
    .PEM file and the private key, both of which you should receive from the certification authority.
  2. Provisioning it from us:
    Just let us know which domain and server you’d like it set up for and we’ll handle the rest, contact your account manager for pricing.

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